Hello, I'm Roo...
... & this is Roo's Pies

From our family home, in the village of Grosmont on the Welsh boarders, I hand craft small batches of pies.

Why pies? I love pies, but I always struggled to find a really great one to buy. So, in 2015 I set about making my ultimate pie! After loads of experimenting with weird shaped pies and umpteen of types of pastry and fillings, I finally created a pie that I was proud to stick the Roo’s Pie flag in.


So what’s in the name? Nope, nothing to do with kanga’s. I’m a Richard, my Dad called me Ricky and Roo rhymed, so it stuck

My Inspiration

Food makes a connection between nature and people – and I love that.

There is nothing more gratifying (in my book) than seeing people eat good food and enjoy it.

That is precisely why I started Roo’s Pies.

My inspiration for food and mastering a craft product stems back to my childhood and although I make pies by myself, I am never alone. I have, and have had, many people influence me and support my passion, but there are three key influencers, without whom, that early burgeoning fire for food wouldn’t have been lit, and they are – My Grandmother – My Mother – and my dear friend and world class award winning cider maker Mike Johnson.

My Grandmother –
Joyce Dobbyn

A wonderful woman, with farming at her core. From a long line of Herefordshire farming families she was renowned for her pastry making – apple crumbles were for cheats – if it wasn’t fully encased in pastry it wasn’t worthy at the Sunday lunch table. She would talk to me whilst cooking and leave me with nuggets of information that stay in my head to this day whenever I don the apron – ‘half fat to flour’ – ‘you must always roll one way’ – ‘let the rolling pin do the work’ – ‘oh you’ve cold hands, let’s make some pastry’. She left me her Salter weighing scales and I proudly use them for making my pastry today.

Mum in the Kitchen

My Mother –
Liz Roberts

I have been blessed with a mother who is an amazing cook.  She seeded the magic of cooking in me at a young age and taught me how to conjure the most beautiful meals from the the simplest ingredients. It fascinated me. The possibility of taking ordinary ingredients out the cupboard and turning it into something delicious – it was like watching magic tricks being performed in front of my eyes, and like all children – I wanted to be the magician.

My Friend –
Mike Johnson

Mike is an all-round hero of the craft cider world. He is also an incredibly humble and lovely man. Mike’s passion for making cider extends to creating a community of inspiring people. Throughout my teenage years I grew up around those people, being inspired by their crafts. Mike’s cellar door was always open and welcomed fellow cider makers, food enthusiasts, musicians and artists. His ethos has always been to make cider in a way that enhances the natural environment and encourages others in their pursuits. I owe a lot to this man and I do my best to honour what he has taught me in my approach to Roo’s Pies. 

Mike Johnson